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Print Folios

What is a print folio?

A print folio can be described as a small collection of individual unmatted/unbound original fine art prints based on a related theme that is not really intended to be framed but can but rather made to be hand-held.

A folio typically consist of the following items:
* A Title Page with signature of the artist
* Artists Statement
* List of Prints
* Dedication (if used)
* Colophon

A folio package is typically a 10.5″ x 8″ die-cut art paper enclosure with eight or ten 7″ x 9.5″ prints printed on fine art museum quality paper utilizing archival inks.  Prints are either Black and White, Color or a mixture depending on the theme. Orientation is usually a mixture of Portrait and Landscape.

The pricing philosophy is affordability. Priced at less than $10 per print, a folio of small prints is a very affordable way for someone to acquire high quality prints from photographers whose work they admire or would like to collect.

The traditional thing to do with a fine art photograph is to frame it and display it hanging on a wall, but sometimes you just don’t have any wall space available for one of my prints.  The folio concept addresses this problem allowing these prints to be matted and framed ( 7″x9.5″ prints fit nicely into a 11″x14″ frame with a mat) if so desired.  if you opt to keep the prints in the folio enclosure it can be stored neatly on a bookshelf.

Last, but not least, folios make great gifts!