Sample Packs

What we see on our computer, mobile and/or tablet screen is most often quite different that what we see in person.  Even the best monitors or digital displays may not be properly calibrated for its viewing surroundings.  Bottom line, viewed image tonality will vary with monitor type and settings. Here at Bold Coast Photography we are obsessed with quality and we want you, our customers, to be able to experience first-hand the quality that goes in to our work by offering a Sample Pack containing one each of a  Preferred Edition Color and Black and White Print along with one Fine Art Note Card at, what some may think, a very unrealistic price – FREE!.  We do this because we want you to feel comfortable that our work meets your expectations.


Our Sample Pack contains:
Preferred Edition Prints and 1 Fine Art Note Card


Contact Us and we will send you one of our Sample Packs

Sample’s of Watermarked Prints and Note Cards

Prints and Note Cards are 5″x7″ and contain our Watermark on the front.  Prints will be on one of our Premium Archival Fine Art Photographic papers that are either a 100% Cotton Rag or Fiber based and acid and lignin free.

The sample Fine art Note Card will be either a 60lb Paper Canvas or 60lb Gloss.


Sample Prints and Fine Art Note Cards

Sample Preferred Edition Watermarked Print
Click on the print for a larger image


Sample Prints and Fine Art Note Cards

Sample Watermarked Fine Art Note Card
Click on the print for a larger image